Tom Ford—Dressing Well is a Form of Good Manners

Whether you’re into fashion or not—Tom Ford is a name that almost everyone knows and no one forgets. It’s a fact that Tom Ford has left his mark on the fashion industry and graved his name into people’s minds and literally into people’s clothes.

Founded by Tom Ford

His dedication and passion for fashion started at a young age and he devoted himself to the fashion world without looking back ever since. His career started to take off when he joined the Italian fashion house Gucci in 1990. That’s when his name started to become one of the most respected names in the fashion world, and especially, in the world of high couture and luxury.

He had worked for American fashion brands in the past, but as time passed by, he found out his passion lied elsewhere. He wanted to get a taste of what fashion felt like in Europe. In one of his interviews, Tom Ford said:

"If I was ever going to become a good designer, I had to leave America. My own culture was inhibiting me. Too much style in America is tacky. It's looked down upon to be too stylish. Europeans, however, appreciate style."

After being a valuable part of the Gucci team for two years, he became Design Director in 1992, and ultimately, Creative Director in 1994. His presence was quickly indispensable—as he turned Gucci into a billion dollar company throughout the years of his presence at the Italian fashion house. More precisely; he helped Gucci increase sales with 90% between 1995 and 1996.

When the Tom Ford Brand Came to Life

After his successful career journey at Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, Tom Ford wanted to pursue another dream he had, so he left his role as Creative Director at both companies in 2004. At the time he left Gucci, the company was valued at $10 billion.

In 2006, he founded his own fashion brand which he named after himself; ‘Tom Ford’. His name was one of the most important things he brought into the company which makes naming the brand after himself not so surprising.

The brand quickly launched various lines; from menswear to beauty, eyewear and accessories. Currently, the Tom Ford brand does not only sell its products online, it also has 98 freestanding Tom Ford stores all over the world. He represents fashion in big cities like Milan, Tokyo and Las Vegas.

The Tom Ford brand followed the same footsteps as the previous brands Tom Ford worked at. Every product that retails belongs into the high couture and luxury category—but high quality is also guaranteed. Every customer that enters a Tom Ford store averagely spends around $1797.

A Well-tied Tie is the First Serious Step in Life

A quote by Oscar wilde that tells a lot about a man’s journey throughout life. The Tom Ford suits are a reflection of a man with elegance that is dedicated to his personal progress and achievements.

Ford’s classic suits are not only worn on red carpets by many celebrities, men also like to wear them on a regular day. In his newer collections, Tom Ford shows appreciation for casual suits that people can wear on a daily basis. Men like to wear his suits not only because of the quality but also because a lot of them claim that no other suits ever get more compliments from women than the ones designed by him.

Things You Might Not Have Known About the Tom Ford Brand

  • The Tom Ford brand is no stranger to the entertainment world. He has dressed many celebrities on special occasions—like Beyoncé, Johnny Depp and Ryan Gosling for different events.
  • Especially his line of suits and ties is very loved and worn by famous celebrities all over the world. Back in 2013, Tom Ford got mentioned in the ‘Suit & tie’ song Justin Timberlake released along with Jay Z. And if that wasn’t enough, Jay Z later on even dedicated a song to Tom Ford—giving it the title ‘Tom Ford’.
  • At a certain point, before Tom Ford created his own brand with his own lines, Tom Ford was running both Gucci’s and Yves Saint Laurent’s creative department. That made people wonder; ‘How does he do it?!’. Tom Ford answered that question by with one simple sentence: ‘If I’m awake, I’m working’. Tom Ford is a focused man who prioritizes the work he does and makes sure that his audience is as satisfied with the results as he is.
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